Polished Concrete floors have been around for many years, mainly used in commercial and industrial premises where there is a high volume of traffic and machinery, but in the past 10 years, this product has been in high demand in many residential properties. It is a unique finish and fast becoming the most desired decorative product because it’s easy to look after, It will last well and the options are endless.

Easy Care

Concrete floors are extremely easy to care for. Once the floor has been sealed, all it needs is weekly mopping with soapy water. Don’t use any aggressive bleached detergents, the concrete floor has been sealed which is designed to hold against staining from oils, alkaline substances and acids. We highly recommend that all spills should be cleaned up as soon as possible.


A floor that has been well polished, sealed and well looked after can be expected to last a hundred years even more! The small cracks and aged concrete through age gives it a unique character that no one will be able to copy. Any concrete floor can be displayed with an elegant soft rug, bricks, or along with other architecturally salvaged materials. A concrete floor can practically fit into any environment.


For exterior concrete surfaces, silicone based penetrating sealers can be used to avoid the wet look. This makes concrete also a great material for Kitchen Surfaces. Whatever your wild imagination can conjure, we can tailor our skills to materialise whatever product you have in mind.